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HVAC System Direct Expansion Air Conditioning Rooftop Package Unit HVAC System Direct Expansion Air Conditioning Rooftop Package Unit


HVAC System Direct Expansion Air Conditioning Rooftop Package Unit

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  • Rooftop Package Air Conditioner Unit

  • Ruidong Group


Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioners are ideal for Commercial spaces, Warehouses, Schools, Mosques, Power Plants, Substations delivering the required indoor air quality and meeting the heating and cooling demands of the space.

It’s available in wide capacity, ranging from 18kw to 280kw in various series like top return air or horizontial return air provided with different sizes and different refrigerants like R407c and R410a. Unit operation is controlled by Microprocessor controllers and available with thermostatic or electronic expansion valves.

Rooftop Packaged Units offers 100% fresh air packaged unit designed for year-round operation handling hot & humid to cold & dry fresh air.



The rooftop package unit is air regulating system, which is an integrated equipment can realize cooling and heating. The system structure simply saves many accessories such as cooling towers, water pumps, boilers, and pipeline systems. The unit can set the fresh air outlet, and the level and function of the filter section can be set according to the requirements. Therefore, it is convenient to maintain management and save energy, especially suitable for regions lack of water sources.

Easy assembly

The machine set adopts air cooling and direct air supply methods that  can be installed on rooftops or the ground making them saving costing and place. The machine set can immediately start working by just connecting the air return pipe and power onsite.

High air quality

The unit can realize air purification together with ventilation, cooling, heating, to improve air quality.

High efficiency and energy saving:

It adopts the  air cooled direct evaporation & expansion without intermediate heat transffer medium, which can reduce heat loss and improve efficiency; the unit has multi-level automatic regulation function, which can achieve better energy saving efect.

Reliable operation.

Overload protection and open-phase protection devices are built in the heating and cooling unit to guarantee the safety and reliability of use.

Product Advantage

1.Various products and wide application

The series of Rooftop units include many different specifications which can completely meet the demand of home and commercial places and offer you a comfortable and pleasant environment.

2.Complete air system, simple and hygiene, less components, easy maintenance. The flexible and concise design makes the maintenance very simple. Disassembling several bolts from any side of the unit can repair any part of the unit.

3. Microcomputer intelligent controller can reach four control modes: cooling, dehumidifying, and ventilation. It also has the functions of timing on-off and failure display.

4. Wide cooling range from 10kW to 360kW, suitable for most of the buildings.

5. Various optionals, such as single-skin unit panel and double-skin unit panel, different filteration level, additional air handling sections, etc..

6.Optional packaged unit or split unit.

Product Uses

Direct Expansion Air Conditioner Rooftop Package Unit is designed for cooling and heating applications in residential buildings.

It provides efficient and reliable temperature control for individual apartments or houses.

With its compact design, it can be easily installed on the rooftop, saving valuable indoor space.

The unit ensures comfortable living conditions by maintaining desired temperatures throughout the year.




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