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Water Cooled Chiller

Water cooled chillers are a quality product with an innovative design. It's medium is water, which is called a water chiller, and the cooling of the condenser is realized by using the heat exchange and cooling of normal temperature water. Water Cooled chillers are available in an extensive range capacity and with different compressors. The evaporator and condenser design of the shell tube also improved heat exchange efficiency. The water source and ground source heat pump is designed and produced by Ruidong for heating, cooling, and heat recovery in large commercial applications.



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Aqua-Therm Moscow 2024
Location:Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center Moscow (Russia)
Date: 06-09 Feb., 2024'
Booth: Pavilion 3-14,C215
INSTALACJE Poland 2024
Location: ul. Głogowska 14, skr. poczt.102, 60-734 Poznań, Polska/Poland
Exhibition hall name: Poznań International Fair Ltd.
Date: April 23-25, 2024
Booth: Hall 5, No. 127
Bangkok RHVAC 2024
Placeholder ImageLocation: Bangkok InternationalTrade and Exhibition Center
Date: 07-10 Sep., 2024
Booth: EH103-104,BITEC

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