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HVAC System Profession Manufacturer

Ruidong Group Co., Ltd is one modern large-scale enterprise, located in Dezhou City, Shandong Province, integrating design, production, sales and installation of central air-conditioning products. The registered capital of the group is 155.5million RMB,covering an area of 300,000 square meters and construction area of 180,000 square meters. The number of employees is more than 600, there are 25 product engineers and 38 technicians for design or service. Ruidong has provided solutions for many projects for the companies, organisations and government agencies, to view its major projects portfolio, please click here.

Ruidong Group is certified by standard ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001. And all products have certifications CCC, CE and others.It not only has R&D and production qualifications, but also has the national first-level qualifications for construction and installation. To know more about the certifications received please click here.

Main Business Scope

01. Air conditioning host series:

  • Water-cooled series: Centrifugal type water chiller and heat pump, Water cooled screw chillers, Ground (water) source screw water chiller and heat pump, Ground (water) source scroll water chiller and heat pump, Water cooled packaged unit.
  • Air-cooled series: Air cooled screw water chiller and heat pump, Air cooled scroll water chiller and heat pump, Mini air cooled scroll water chiller and heat pump.
  • DX series: Rooftop packaged unit,Cabinet type air conditioning unit, DX type air handling unit;
  • Special air conditioning series: Precision air conditioners, Constant temperature and humidity units, Planting air conditioners, High temperature units, Low temperature units, Refrigeration units, Industrial drying units, Dehumidifiers and other series. 

02. Air conditioning terminal series:

Combined air handling unit, Ceiling type air handling unit, Vertical & horizontal type air handling unit, Fresh air ventilation unit, Concealed fan coil unit, Floor / Ceiling Fan Coil Unit,Cassette fan coil unit and other products.

03. Ventilation series:

Fire smoke exhaust fans, Axial flow fans, Diagonal flow fans, Centrifugal fans, Roof fans, Tunnel fans, Subway fans and other products.

04. Cooling tower:

All kinds of FRP draft cooling tower, Stainless steel cooling tower.

05. Air-conditioning auxiliary:

Cyclone desander, Water knockout drum (collector), Dirt separator, Water Softener Plant, Plate heat exchanger units, Constant pressure equipment.

06. Air conditioning system accessories:

Fire dampers, Smoke exhaust dampers, Regulating dampers, Check dampers, Mufflers, Tuyere and other products;

Company Strength

Ruidong Group is a comprehensive group company that integrates production, sales, R&D, design and installation. It not only provides standardized products, but also has strong non-standard customization capabilities, engineering design and installation capabilities.
RUIDONG has successively invested heavily in the purchase of advanced automation and intelligent production and testing equipment at home and abroad, including fully automatic hydraulic pipe bending machines, CNC turret punching machines, fan coil assembly lines, combined air conditioning assembly lines, intelligent robot welding machines, etc. A series of high-precision production equipment with international leading level.

This is our primary component production workshop. In these facilities we adopt ERP, CRM, and OA management software systems. Our high quality lathes enable us to machine our equipment components with incredible precision. Our production line is consistently tested for quality, guaranteeing the excellence of our finished products.
Accessories processing equipment
Production Line


Constantly researching and innovating, we will implement a comprehensive upgrade and modernization program designed to bring your entire HVAC system to the optimum level of efficiency and performance. At the same time, we will implement a comprehensive upgrade and modernization program designed to bring your entire HVAC system to an optimal level of efficiency and performance.


RUIDONG has established a complete sales service system. Branches and offices have been established in 30 large and medium-sized cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Xi'an, Shenyang, Chengdu and Zhengzhou, to provide users with timely, efficient, and high-quality pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services.
With high quality, competitive prices and professional services, Ruidong products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Central Asia, etc..

Engineering design and installation

Ruidong Company has the first-class qualification for professional contracting of building mechanical and electrical installation engineering, the second-class qualification for professional contracting of building decoration and decoration engineering, the second-class qualification for professional contracting of fire protection facilities engineering, the maintenance and installation of China's refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, and the enterprise qualification of China's special equipment design and manufacturing license, etc..


According to customer needs, we can provide various flexible services such as on-site design, delivery of complete engineering accessories, turnkey engineering and etc..


Ruidong Group has a comprehensive management system and adopts advanced ERP, CRM and OA management software to ensure a systematic office environment. The company regularly holds various professional training and collective activities to strengthen the overall quality and cohesion of the team. Relying on a high-quality team, Ruidong can provide high-quality products and services.

RUIDONG sincerely hopes to join hands with customers at home and abroad to create greater brilliance. Choose us, you won't be disappointed.

Company Advantages

Largest Invested Capital and Company Size
Located at No. 6555, Tianqu East Road, Economic Development Zone, Dezhou City, Shandong Province, P.R.China, Ruidong Group registered capital of the group is 155.5million RMB and operates out of a modern state of the art 300,000 square factory, making it one of the largest air conditioned facilities of its kind in the North China.
Advanced Technology
Ruidong Group is equipped with the latest technology and most advanced machinery to produce air conditioning equipment that best serves the market needs. The facility is certiified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE and CRAA.
Advanced Laboratory
Our test center covers an area of 6,500 square meters, with a total investment of 50 million RMB, and is the largest and most complete testing facility in northern China. The test center conducts tests ranging from household air conditioner to the centrifugal chillers.

The test center adopts internationally renowned brand measuring instruments, including USA Agilent data acquisition unit, Japan Yokogawa power meter, SAIYILING platinum resistance thermometer, to ensure the test accuracy.

This test center can test multi-connected unit, air-cooled unit, fan coil unit, ceiling air handling unit, modular air handling unit, purified air conditioning unit, water loop heat unit, air-cooled module chiller and air-cooled screw chiller.
Engineers, Business Professionals
Ruidong Group is equipped with 25 professional product engineers and 38 technicians to provide services for users. They have rich technical knowledge and can solve technical problems quickly and effectively. In addition, we have more than ten foreign trade salesmen who are in charge of different markets. They are very familiar with the temperature and environment of the area in charge, can help customers choose products online, and are proficient in English, Russian, Spanish and other languages, so they can effectively communicate.
Complete range of products, many models
Ruidong Group has a full line of HVAC equipment, from air-conditioning main units to terminal ventilation products, with nearly thousands of models. Ruidong chillers are designed and manufactured to operate at a wide range of ambient temperatures, to meet the harsh climatic conditions. Moreover, the research and development team composed of high-tech talents will continue to introduce new products, advanced production equipment and the adoption of the international ISO19001 quality management system as a strong guarantee of product quality, sophisticated testing equipment, rigorous testing equipment is the fundamental insurance of quality, timely attentive service will solve any problems that may arise during use for you.



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Integrating design, production, sales and installation of central air-conditioning products.

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