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Qatar air-cooled screw unit shipped! ! !

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In April, the flowers are blooming like a brocade, the green shade is like the sea, everything looks so enthusiastic, and the factory area of Ruidong Group is also full of vitality. The Qatar National Stadium upgrade project signed by the Ministry of International Trade, 14 sets of air-cooled screw units, with the joint efforts of Ruidong family members, has overcome many technical and process difficulties and successfully delivered on schedule.

This batch of units adopts high-efficiency screw compressors and R134a refrigerant, which are specially developed for Qatar’s high-temperature and high-humidity environment, setting a new record for research and development in the industry. Still running normally.


From receiving orders to production to shipment, all Ruidong people have their own positions regardless of the front and rear, and are executing every plan in an orderly manner. All because of a comprehensive plan, tacit cooperation, and unity Only through the arrangement of joint efforts can the shipment of each piece of equipment be guaranteed in quality and quantity as scheduled.

Ruidong Group has been cultivating in the air-conditioning industry for many years. The tempering of time has achieved Ruidong's profound professional knowledge and firm quality concept. Each product is tailor-made for customers, which also forms the uniqueness of our products, makes each unit exclusive to customers, and opens up a broader space for the company's development. The successful transactions time after time are not only the brand branding of Ruidong in the field of air conditioning step by step, but also the two-way travel between Ruidong and customers. It is also the embodiment of Ruidong team's advanced technology and rich experience, and it perfectly explains that our company has the ability and strength to undertake various large and small batch orders.


The most shocking vicissitudes in the world are: rocks piercing through the sky, landslides and tsunamis, meteor showers, and the delivery site of air-cooled screw units in Qatar. Customers come to our company from thousands of miles away to check every detail. Factory defective.


For a long time, Ruidong has been oriented by customer experience and driven by technological innovation, insisting on high and efficient R&D investment while strictly adhering to quality standards, and continues to bring customers high-quality products and experiences that exceed expectations. Ruidong Group always firmly believes that "technical innovation is the wheel of enterprise progress". We will continue to adhere to technological innovation, develop cutting-edge technology in the industry, meet customer needs, solve customer problems, and create greater economic value for customers!

Every transaction is an affirmation

Every order is a trust

Behind every trust is responsibility and responsibility!

Sun is not alone

It is the trust and support of our customers!

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