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Are you looking for a suitable and energy-saving air-cooled scroll chiller? Why not take a look at this product.

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Ruidong Group Co., Ltd. has launched a new air-cooled scroll chiller with high anti-corrosion grade.

1-Air-cooled scroll chiller with high anti-corrosion level

☑️This advanced air-cooled scroll chiller features a fin condenser with golden aluminum fins, providing superior anti-corrosion properties compared to traditional blue aluminum fins. The fin-type air-cooled condenser incorporates seamless copper tubes and utilizes secondary stamping and flanging technology for a tight combination of tubes and fins, ensuring optimal heat exchange efficiency. The unit's condenser adopts an inverted M-shaped layout to maximize the condenser area, enhancing overall performance. Additionally, a nano-coating on the unit's body improves surface durability, making it suitable for harsh environments.

☑️The unit can be used for dual purposes, heating and cooling, and can provide excellent performance when operating at partial or full load. The scroll system design enables each refrigeration system to operate independently, providing backup support when needed.

☑️Equipped with a condensing fan from a reputable brand, this chiller offers increased airflow and reduced noise levels without compromising efficiency.

2-Air-cooled scroll chiller with excellent design

☑️All components are correctly positioned to form a unit. Well-designed and compact structure, it is convenient for maintenance and service of the unit during use.

☑️Ruidong is capable of producing ultra-low temperature air scroll chillers that can operate at minus 35°C, suitable for a wide range of applications including large commercial buildings, industrial facilities, and data centers.

☑️With the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R22, R407C, and R410A, these chillers help minimize the impact on the environment.

3-Air-cooled scroll chillers are equipped with electrical components from well-known brands

☑️The electrical components and control systems feature accessories from well-known brands, ensuring product quality and reliability. Additionally, Ruidong offers the RdCloud IoT platform for remote control via mobile phone.

4-Air-cooled scroll chiller under test

5-Good quality air-cooled scroll chiller

☑️Each unit will undergo an operation test before shipment to ensure that each unit is 100% qualified before leaving the factory.

☑️Established in 2011, Ruidong Group Co., Ltd. has over 13 years of industry experience and specializes in the design, production, sales, installation, and maintenance of central air conditioning and ventilation equipment. Trust in our expertise to provide you with the perfect solution for your cooling and heating requirements. For more information, please visit our website or contact us directly using the following details:

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