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Decompression device Decompression device


Decompression device

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This device reduces the pressure and temperature of the incoming steam to the steam parameters required for use through the decompression and temperature reduction mechanism. It is a temperature and pressure reduction equipment widely used in electric power, petrochemical, light industry, textile printing and dyeing, medicine, cogeneration and other industries.

The main technical parameters:

Steam flow Q: t/h-

Inlet steam pressure P1: MPa Inlet steam temperature T1: ℃

Outlet steam pressure P2: MPa Inlet steam temperature T2: ℃

Desuperheating water pressure Pb: MPa Desuperheating water temperature Tb: ℃

Brief description of the structure of the desuperheater (device):

The device is composed of decompression, temperature reduction, safety protection, steam pipeline and heat regulation system.

1. Decompression system: The decompression of steam is realized by the temperature and pressure reduction valve.

2. Cooling system: It is composed of electric control valve, nozzle, mixing pipe, throttle, throttle valve and so on.

3. Safety protection system: use spring safety valve (or main safety valve) to realize safety protection.

4. Thermal regulation system: Realize the control of electric temperature reducing and pressure reducing valves and electric regulating valves, with various forms such as automatic control, remote control or on-site manual control. (Automatically selected when the user orders)




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