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High-rise building heating direct-connected water mixing equipment High-rise building heating direct-connected water mixing equipment


High-rise building heating direct-connected water mixing equipment

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The high-rise building heating partition equipment adopts our company's patented technology, which directly connects the high-rise heating system and the low-rise heating system of the high-rise building, which is similar to the traditional high-rise building heating system.

Compared with it, it does not need a heat exchanger, does not have a special boiler for the high area, and does not have a water tank.

The direct connection not only avoids a large amount of heat loss in the heat exchanger system, but also avoids serious corrosion of pipes and equipment caused by the open system of double water tanks. High-rise building heating partition equipment

It provides a heating system with simple structure, less equipment funding, high thermal efficiency, and fully automatic operation. With the continuous increase of high-rise buildings in our country, this equipment has gradually become a high-tech

It is the first choice equipment for multi-storey building heating system and has wide application prospects.

scope of application:

1. High-rise buildings need partitioned heating systems (new construction).

2 .high-rise buildings need district heating system (reconstruction).

3. The central air-conditioning water system for high-rise buildings needs partitions.

4. The multi-storey building is located at the end of the heating network, and the pressure difference between the supply and return water is too small to ensure the normal flow of the heating system.

5. In the same heating network, the terrain height difference is too large, and the multi-storey building is located at the highest point.

System composition:

High-rise building heating direct connection equipment mainly consists of water pumps, check valves, butterfly valves, remote pressure gauges, pressure gauges, pressure reducing valve groups, electric contact pressure gauges, control cabinet electric valves, flow switches, decontamination devices, and thermometers.




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