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Factory Manufacturer High Efficient Air Cooled Screw Chiller 560kw Factory Manufacturer High Efficient Air Cooled Screw Chiller 560kw


Factory Manufacturer High Efficient Air Cooled Screw Chiller 560kw

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  • Cooling capacity ranges from 280kw – 1120kw
  • Highly reliable top branded screw compressor
  • High-efficiency tube type loading evaporator
  • Flexible design, quiet operation & easy installation
  • Modular design adoption with high cooling capacity
  • Air Cooled Screw Chiller

  • Ruidong Group


Air Cooled Screw Chiller and Heat Pump uses air as the cold (heat) source and water as the refrigerant. They according to functions are divided into cooling only type and heat pump type. The heat pump type unit is integrates cooling and heating functions. In addition, the unit also can equipped with a heat recovery device, can provide domestic hot water for users.

The units design and manufacturing process of the air cooled screw type water chiller and heat pump unit strictly follows the national and related industry standards. Adopts high quality, high efficiency semi hermetic twin screw compressor. Through optimized design, reasonable configuration and assembly, it has high reliability. The air cooling unit is especially preferred in locations in which water is scarce.

                                                                                                                   Standard Configuration                                                                                                                 


New type of high-efficiency screw compressor

  • Less parts, simple structure, high reliability and long life.

  • New type of high-efficiency screw compressor, which is 20% more energy efficient than ordinary compressors.

  • Capacity control can adopt 4-stage (100%-75%-50%-25%) or 3-stage (100-66%-33%).


Self-produced high efficiency fin coil condenser.

  • The air cooling finned condenser adopts an inner grooved copper tube with hydrophilic aluminum fins.

  • The copper tube and fins are tightly bound together to achieve the best heat exchange effects.


Self-produced high efficiency evaporator.

  • The shell tube uses high -quality steel plates for pressure vessels. Its manufacture and testing meets JB/T4750-2003 ‘Pressure Vessel for Refrigeration Equipment' standards.

  • Exterior surface features flame-retardant water-proof heat-insulation and preservation materials.

  • The evaporator baffle plate adopts PVC engineering plastic which has excellent corrosion resistance and good air impermeability to make the cooling water flow upwards and downwards along the baffle plate. This improves the heat exchange capacity of the evaporator.


Axial fan

  • Propeller type condenser Fan direct driven by AC motor, low noise 6 poles, protection level IP54, provided with a protective outlet grille.


Microcomputer controller

  • Air Cooled Screw Chiller and Heat Pump unit uses a microcomputer as the core of the control system, the control system control precision, anti-interference ability to ensure that the unit safe, reliable and economical operation.

  • Microcomputer control system adopts electrical elements from internationally well-known brands, enabling it to operate stably and reliably at ambient temperatures of -15 °C to 65°C.

  • It is equipped with a RS-232 and RS-485 standard communication interface. It can receive a remote signal for starting up and shutting down.


Chillers are available with environment friendly R407c and R410A refrigerants.

Throttling deviceThermostatic/electronic expansion valve
Power Supply380V-3N-50/60Hz
Insulation MaterialAnti-corrosive waterproof mesh insulation
Water PipeConnection Flange

Product Advantage

1. Easy assembly. Factory assembled, leak tested, evacuated, and internally wired. Every unit is fully tested before delivery and is ready for installation.

2. Cost saving. It does not require a cooling tower, cooling system pipeline, or cooling circulating water pump , so it reduces the material costs, assembly costs, operation costs, and maintenance costs.

3. Easy operation. Machine with touch screen can displays the running status, running data, and warning status. The controller allows for time control and it allows for automated operation.

4. Excellent corrosion resistance. Machine is constructed from galvanized steel sheet. The external surface is coated with polyester powder paintin to protect machine, reduce corrosion, particularly when installed outdoors.

5. Quality assurance. The products offered are certified by International bodies like ISO, CE, CRAA.

Product Uses

Air cooled screw chiller and heat pump is used for heating and cooling applications in large commercial structures such as malls, office buildings, workshops, hotels, and hospitals. The air cooling unit is especially preferred in locations in which water is scarce.




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