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How much do you know about Rooftop Packaged Units?

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How much do you know about rooftop packaged units? This article will give you a comprehensive understanding of rooftop packaged units.

1-rooftop packaged units        As their name implies, Rooftop systems units are generally installed on the roof of a building, which can save indoor space and simplify maintenance. According to the form of the unit, it can usually be divided into two types: packaged unit and split unit. Next, we will introduce in detail the difference between the packaged unit and the split unit.

1. Packaged unit: The packaged unit encompass all air conditioning components in a box, and the structural design is relatively compact. These components include air conditioning equipment (coolers and heaters), air handling equipment (air filters and humidifiers), ventilation equipment (to ensure indoor air circulation), and control systems (to monitor and regulate indoor temperature and humidity). The advantage of the integral unit is that it is easy to install and saves space. It is often used in small and medium-sized buildings or commercial buildings.

Some pictures of rooftop packaged units produced by Ruidong Group, such as:

2-rooftop packaged units

2. Split unit: Split-system air conditioning units divide components into separate indoor units and outdoor units. Among them, the outdoor unit includes a cooler and a compressor, and the indoor unit includes a heater, air filter, humidifier, ventilation equipment, and control system. Split units are suitable for large buildings or places that require more flexible installation.

Some pictures of the split-type rooftop unit produced by Ruidong Group. The product supports customization:

3-Split rooftop air conditioning system

The product advantages of Ruidong Group Co., Ltd. include but are not limited to:

Scroll compressor has leading technology and superior performance

Cooling capacity range 18kw-360kw

EC plug indoor fans have high static capacity and can provide stronger wind power and comfort

The condenser coil adopts anti-corrosion protection technology to extend the service life of the product.

Phase failure protection relay ensures safe and stable operation of equipment

Low noise emission, providing a more comfortable usage environment

Standard anti-corrosion outdoor coil, adaptable to various harsh environments

Support customized design to meet customers’ individual needs

Equipped with 485 interface to realize equipment linkage control

The company’s products have CE, 3C and other certifications

100% quality inspection before leaving the factory to ensure excellent product quality.

Ruidong Group Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment and technology to ensure stable and reliable product quality. The company has a professional R&D team and a complete customer service system, which can provide personalized customized services, demonstrating strong market competitiveness and good reputation. Our units have been exported to many countries such as Israel, Nigeria, the United States, and Chile.

4-Rooftop air conditioner project case

In addition, rooftop packaged units can use different heating and humidification methods to meet the needs of the air inside the building. About the heating methods of rooftop air conditioner, we can do heat pump heating, electric heating, steam heating and hot water heating. About humidification methods, we can do electrode humidification, dry steam humidification, electrothermal humidification, high pressure micro mist wetting and wet membrane humidification.

In addition to heating and humidification, the rooftop packaged units can also be equipped with a flow equalization section (to make the air evenly distributed), a medium-efficiency filter section (to filter particles in the air), a sound attenuation section (to reduce the noise generated by the air conditioning system) and an air outlet section (to make the air evenly distributed). The processed air is sent into the room) and other functional components.

In addition, the design of air supply and return devices is also a key part to ensure that air can effectively circulate and circulate, improving indoor air quality and comfort.

Different rooftop packaged units have different performances and functions. According to the needs of the building and the characteristics of the air conditioning system, it is very important to choose suitable heating, humidification and other functional components. The right rooftop packaged units can provide a building with a comfortable indoor environment while achieving energy and cost savings.

Ruidong Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 and has more than 13 years of industry experience, specializing in the design, production, sales, installation and maintenance of central air conditioning and ventilation equipment. We can provide product customization services and can meet the needs of T3 working conditions. We use compressors and electrical components from world-renowned brands and always provide customers with high-quality products and services. You can customize it according to your specific needs, and we can provide you with the right choice.

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