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 Hvac Screw Type Air Cooled Chiller With CE Standard  Hvac Screw Type Air Cooled Chiller With CE Standard


Hvac Screw Type Air Cooled Chiller With CE Standard

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  • Cooling capacity ranges from 280kw – 1120kw
  • Highly reliable top branded screw compressor
  • High-efficiency tube type loading evaporator
  • Flexible design, quiet operation & easy installation
  • Modular design adoption with high cooling capacity
  • Air Cooled Screw Chiller

  • Ruidong Group


Air Cooled Screw Chiller is a water cooling device that produced a chilling effect by using compression pressure and releases out heat from the system by chilled air circulation in different commercial and industrial applications.

Air Cooled Screw Chiller consist of a screw compressor, air-cooled condenser, ice thermal storage unit, condenser fan, AC control system, refrigerant tank, expansion valves, tube type evaporator, and protection devices for efficient operation.


Ruidong Group Air Cooled Screw Chiller has its outstanding benefits supporting different industrial processing as given below:

  • Air Cooled Screw Chiller is steadfast and fluent in its cooling operation configured by the installation of a screw chiller with automatic scheduling that ensures compression force on refrigerant and analyzes the cooling load to maintain a set point.

  • Air Cooled Screw Chiller is featured with expansion valve and economizer that increase the cooling capacity of compressor preventing the unit from any damaging effect by high pressure.

  • Air Cooled Screw Chiller enables noise-free operation configured by the use of twin-screw compressor rotation in such a wised way producing little vibration or no voice.

  • Air Cooled Screw Chiller has outstanding reliability and is durably configured by factory testing of all units before installation as well control panel controlling temperature and pressure inside the unit.

  • Air Cooled Screw Chiller provides a cooling effect for different commercial applications by using chilled air that circulates over the condenser for efficient heat exchange.


Air Cooled Screw Chiller steadily works and provides chilling effect to different applications as:Commercial areas, hospitals, supermarkets, plastic and steel manufacturing, medical industries, food, and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, and chemicals processing, etc.

ProductR134a Air Cooled Screw Type Water Chiller And Heat Pump
TypeScrew Type
Nominal Cooling capacitykW252280321356458496562
Cooling inpurt powerkW8290108122148163182
Running currentA162179214234290323360
Norminal Heating capacitykW246280328368465503583
Heating input powerkW808992120145160179
Running currentA147162194211263293354
Max. running currentA199222265290361398452
Cable diameter (copper wire distance ≤20 meters)mm23*95+2*503*120+2*503*150+2*703*150+2*703*185+2*953*240+2*1203*240+2*120
CompressorTypeSemi-hermetic screw
Engerry steps
Power voltage3N-380V-50HZ
Starting modeY-▲ or by winding
Charge (kg)708095110135150170
ControlElectronic expansion valve (EXV)
Condenser typeTypeInternally threaded copper tube & hydrophilic aluminum fins
Fan typekPaAxial type fan
Input powerkW2.2*62.2*62.2*82.2*102.2*102.2*122.2*12
EvaporatorTypeShell & tube type
Water Pressure dropkPa70
Water pipe Dia.DN100100100125125125150
Water flowm3/h43 48 55 61 79 85 97
Heat recovery deviceTypeShell & tube type
Water Pressure drop70 
Water pipe Dia.DN65 65 80 80 80 80 100
Water flowm3/h17 19 22 25 31 34 38
Heat recovery deviceTypeShell & tube type
Water Pressure drop70 
Water pipe Dia.DN80 100 100 100 125 125 125
Water flowm3/h34 38 44 49 63 68 77
NoisedB(A)79 79 79 79 81 83 83
Net weightkg2500300035005800600062006400
Operation weightkg3100350040006200660070007400
Main protection measures1.High &low voltage protection;                                      2.Anti-freezing protection; 
3.Temperature control;                                                      4.Owe anti-phase protection;    
5.High & low pressure protection;                                  6.High pressure exhaust temperature protection; 
7.Built-in motor overheating protection;                       8.Over-current protection; 
9. Safe valve;                                                                        10.Check valve     
Remarks:1.Cooling standard working conditions:ambient temperature 35℃DB/24℃WB;
cold water inlet temperature 12℃,outlet temperature 7℃
2.Heating standard working conditions:ambient temperature 7℃DB/6℃WB;
cold water inlet temperature 40℃,outlet temperature 45℃




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