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Manufacturer Fresh Air Jet Flow Air Handling Unit Manufacturer Fresh Air Jet Flow Air Handling Unit


Manufacturer Fresh Air Jet Flow Air Handling Unit

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  • Type:Jet Flow Air Handling Unit
  • Construction:Double Wall
  • Airflow range (m3/h):1000~50000
  • Ceiling Air Handling Units

  • Ruidong Group


Ruidong patented aluminum alloy buckle-sealed air-conditioning box structure is directly assembled from the panel, and the panel frame adopts the broken bridge of the yin and yang slot to make the box have better mechanical strength, lower air leakage rate and more. Good anti-cold bridge performance.

Factory dedicated air conditioning units is design according to factory, warehouse, station building characters, with 5patents technology from designing, installation and maintenance. air conditioner with freon. Air Handling Units for Water Chiller, Ceiling Type AHU With Jet Flow Tuyere adopts spherical air vent, air blowing distance 25m at least.

■ Aluminum alloy frame, beautiful appearance and smooth

The frame of the unit is made of aluminum alloy profile treated by sand surface oxidation. The outer panel of the unit is made of high-quality color steel plate, and the corner joint of the box body adopts circular arc structure transition. The intricate details give the unit a crisper, smoother look.

■ Purification requires design, the interior is flat and simple

The patented box structure makes the inner surface of the unit smooth and flat, and it is not easy to accumulate ash and bacteria, which is beneficial to improve the quality of the treated air, and is suitable for use in applications where purification is required.

■ Easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to maintain

The cabinet is assembled directly from the side panels, which is easy to disassemble on site. The components are modular in design, high in versatility and easy to replace. The integral access door makes maintenance of the internal components of the unit easier.





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