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Purify Type Ceiling Concealed Ducted Type Fan Coil Units Chilled Water Purify Type Ceiling Concealed Ducted Type Fan Coil Units Chilled Water


Purify Type Ceiling Concealed Ducted Type Fan Coil Units Chilled Water

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Model:Purify Type Fan Coil Unit
Installation method:Left type/Right type
External static pressure :12pa/30pa/50pa
  • Purify Type Fan Coil Unit

  • Ruidong Group


FP series purification fan coil units can be widely used in high-end villas, hospitals, high-end hotels and other occasions.

Ruidong purification type fan coil unit integrates many advanced technologies. It uses photocatalyst (dioxide) to completely oxidize organic matter into CO and HO under the action of light to kill harmful substances in the air. It has been monitored by the national authority. Toxic substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, sulfur dioxide and natural bacteria in the air have a good filtering effect, escorting your healthy life.

Structure and material:

• Airfoil ABS wind wheel with high efficiency and U type bend pipe design

• 3 speed (psc motor) and Variable speed (ec motor) can be choosed;

• The coils are made of seamless tubes expanded into aluminum fins in continuous block to ensure efficient heat exchange;

• Panels and frames are made of galvanized steel for harsh environments;

• The drip trays are made from sheet metal treated with polyester powder coating to ensure total resistance to atmospheric agents. Unit can provide different lengths of drip trays for customers to choose;

• Standard case structure is left tube connected (Right tube connection is optional).

Install type:

• horizontal concealed

• vertical concealed

• Standard power is 50Hz or 60Hz power is optional

Optional accessories:

Various controller/ EC motor/ Electric heater/ Return air box/ Balancing valve and etc..

Application Areas:

Fan coil units with sleek and low noise design makes it ideal for Bureaux, business building, superstore, hotel, hospital, bank, apartment and amusement place.




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