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2pipes Concealed Type Ceiling Water Chiller Fan Coil Unit 2pipes Concealed Type Ceiling Water Chiller Fan Coil Unit


2pipes Concealed Type Ceiling Water Chiller Fan Coil Unit

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  • Model:FP34 - FP238
  • Air flow:340m³/h-2300m³/h
  • Installation method:Left type/Right type
  • External static pressure :12pa/30pa/50pa
  • Ruidong Group



 Product Description

Durable 2 Pipes Ceiling Water Chiller Horizontal HVAC Concealed Type Fan Coil Unit

A fan coil unit (FCU) is a device that is mounted on the ceiling and consists of a fan and a coil for heating or cooling. It is an integral component of HVAC systems and can be found in various types of buildings, including residential, commercial, and industrial.

1. Fan coil unit (FCU) will generally consist of the following components:

  • Cased or Uncased [casing around unit]

  • Air Intake

  • Filter

  • Fan

  • Cooling Coil [water/dx]

  • Heating Coil [water/electric]

  • Discharge

  • Grille [intake/discharge]

  • Speed controller/on/off switch

  • Duct/Wall mounted thermostat

  • Modulating/on/off valve

2. There are typically three categories of fan coil units, distinguished by their installation methods:

  • Concealed Horizontal Ceiling Mounted

  • Exposed Horizontal Ceiling Mounted

  • Vertical Floor/Wall Mounted

※ Concealed Horizontal Ceiling Mounted

The concealed type unit, which is mounted on the high level ceiling and concealed above the ceiling, allows for ducting to the space through grilles. This option is ideal for those who prioritize aesthetics and low noise levels.

Concealed Horizontal Ceiling Mounted

※ Exposed Horizontal Ceiling Mounted

The unit can be installed in the same manner as the concealed unit, ensuring that the ceiling remains concealed and the unit remains hidden.

Alternatively, the grilles can be connected to the unit using ductwork, or the unit can be set up to blow directly into the space without the need for grilles or ducting.

Exposed Horizontal Ceiling Mounted

※ Vertical Floor/Wall Mounted Unit

Mounted at a low level on the floor, vertically. The FCU is usually fixed to the wall drawing air from the bottom louver/grille and blowing upwards to condition the space.

Vertical Floor Wall Mounted Unit

3. About fan coil units noisy:

From a noise point of view, fan coils are not exceptionally noisy if installed, maintained, set up, and commissioned properly. This includes the air balancing, as that is where much noise will come from if not completed correctly. The acoustics can be affected by the following:

  • Mounting of FCU

  • Intake ducting design and routing

  • Supply ducting design and routing

  • Grille selection

  • Air velocity

  • Using hard connections to the FCU, ducts and grilles

  • Ceiling Construction

If you encounter any problems during the product selection process, please feel free to contact us. The following are the specific parameters of the product.


 Product Details

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