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30kw - 85kw Air Cooler Mushroom Planting Air Conditioner Units 30kw - 85kw Air Cooler Mushroom Planting Air Conditioner Units
30kw - 85kw Air Cooler Mushroom Planting Air Conditioner Units 30kw - 85kw Air Cooler Mushroom Planting Air Conditioner Units


30kw - 85kw Air Cooler Mushroom Planting Air Conditioner Units

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  • Frequency:50hz-60hz
  • Compressor type:Scroll Type
  • Material:Galvanized Steel
  • Control:Automatic/Semiautomatic/mannual
  • Application:Temperature Humidity and Co2 maintained Automatically with Control Panel
  • Mushroom Planting Air Conditioner

  • Ruidong Group


This self-developed mushroom planting air conditioner is made to create an ideal environment for the cultivation of edible mushrooms in factories. The air conditioner integrates several functions, including cooling, heating, air treatment and filtering. With these features, this air conditioner can facilitate the growth of edible mushrooms, such as king trumpet mushrooms, white beech mushrooms, hen-of-the-woods, flammulina filiformis, funcia di basilicu, agaricus bisporus, caterpillar fungas and wood ear.


  • Ensure a clean growth environment for mushrooms;

  • Able to eliminate contaminated spores;

  • Equipped with evaporator coil with strong cooling capacity that can bring down indoor temperatures quickly;

  • Equipped with centrifugal fan that can move large air volume and develop high pressure. The air volume is adjustable.

  • Equipped with high-performance airtight static pressure fan that makes up high-efficiency filter outlet, which consists of primary and secondary air filters.

  • Equipped with heat exchanger coils that can cool down environment with refrigerants or water. This means the air conditioner can bring down environment temperatures by moving large volume of air and utilizing water from wells, rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.


Applicable for cold-temperate mushrooms, such as king trumpet mushrooms, hen-of-the-woods, caterpillar fungas

  • Treat air for different processes of factory mushroom cultivation, such as cultivating, collecting and packaging;

  • Multiple functions: cooling, heating, filtering, bringing in fresh air, returning air, moving large volume of air and developing high pressure;

  • Easily connected with existing air ducts to deliver fresh air;

  • Able to filter out almost all solids and particulates and to precisely control the composition of air, for instance, the ratio between carbon dioxide and fresh air;

  • Ensure optimal temperature;

  • Able to utilize water from natural waterbodies, which will boost cooling capacity and save energy;

  • In northern China, heating system can use energy provided by the regional central heating system, which makes perfect economic sense for local companies.

Applicable for cold-tolerant mushrooms, such as flammulina filiformis and funcia di basilica

  • Centrifugal fan can move large volume of air and develop high pressure;

  • Able to draw in air effectively to ensure temperatures, humidity and carbon dioxide density stay at the same level, which will improve the quality and yields of mushrooms;

  • Minimize risks of contaminated spores and shorten time required for mushroom maturity;

Mushroom Planting Air Conditioner - Air Cooled Unit

CoolingCooling capacitykW2634476270
Input PowerkW10.113.11720.823.4
Running currentA19.1 24.832.239.544.5
HeatingHeating capacitykW2429405562
Input PowerkW9.912.916.820.423.2
Running currentA18.624.231.538.343.7
Start modeDirectly start
Adjustment ability0-50-100%
Refrigerant chargekg810141822
Refrigerant control deviceTXV
CompressorTypeHermetic scroll compressor
Power supply380V/3N/50HZ
Groundwater flowm3/h10 2020.00 2020
FanAir Flowm3/h60008000120001500015000
Application area
Air outletAmm500500630630630
Return airCmm73573591010301030
Fresh airEmm358358460460460
Note :Cooling: Ambient temperature DB 35 ℃,indoor temperature 21℃
Heating: Ambient temperature DB 7 ℃,WB 6 ℃




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