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70kw-280kw, Industrial Chiller Water Cooled Scroll Chiller 70kw-280kw, Industrial Chiller Water Cooled Scroll Chiller


70kw-280kw, Industrial Chiller Water Cooled Scroll Chiller

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Type:Water-cooled type
Categories:Scroll chiller
Place of origin:Dezhou, China
Power system:Three-phase & four-wire system (380V/220V-50HZ) & others
Warranty:1 year
Certification:CE CCC ISO9001 CRAA
FOB port:Qingdao & Tianjing
Terms of Payment:L/C, T/T


 Product Description

Water cooled scroll chiller and heat pump can be installed in various water source working conditions, ground source working conditions, and cooling tower working conditions. Clients have the option to purchase 1 to 4 compressors, depending on the size and purpose of their buildings. The equipment is equipped with a shell and tube type condenser, evaporator, and control system.


The scroll type compressor is designed to withstand liquid impact and includes oil heating equipment to prevent breakdowns due to incomplete oil and fluorine separation.

Well-known compressor brands like Danfoss and Copeland are employed in this system to guarantee reliability. The water chiller use of scroll compressors, known for their superior resistance to liquid impact, enhances performance. Additionally, the integration of oil heating devices resolves issues related to incomplete oil and fluorine separation in water-cooled scroll chillers and heat pumps, ensuring optimal functionality and operational efficiency.


Evaporator of the shell and tube type is equipped with an inner grooved copper tube to enhance heat exchange efficiency.


Condenser is of the shell and tube type, featuring a design with either a single or multiple loops.The steel shell manufacturing and testing comply with the JB/T4750-2003 standards for Pressure Vessels in Refrigeration Equipment.

Control system

About control system consists of a compressor starting equipment, power protector, and micro-computerized controller. The controller operates under a temperature range of -15℃ to 65℃ and is equipped with RS-232 and RS-485 standard communication interfaces for remote signal reception.

Control methods

There are several control methods available, such as temperature-based control of the main engine using the return cold water or outflow, automatic start and stop based on load values, LCD display screen for temperature display and settings, control of compressor running state and running time, and remote start and stop function.


 Product Detail

water scroll cooled chiller
industrial water chiller

water cooled scroll chiller

Ruidong is a well-known brand in the field of water chillers. We have been offering high-quality water chillers that are suitable for different industries like rubber and plastic, metal surface treatments, food and beverage, and even the chemical industry! Our products have gone through rigorous procedures and are made with top-notch materials to ensure their long-lasting quality. Therefore, we are proud to offer you the finest experience with our products!

Q1: What is the size of the unit?

A1:  The minimum size of the unit is 1350mm*1800mm*700mm. However, our products support customization and can design appropriate size according to your needs. So you don't worry.

Q2: Could you help us to recommend the model for our project?

A2: Yes, we have engineer to check the details and make the scheme for you. Based on the following: Cooling capacity, Refrigerant, Ambient temperature, Voltage, For what industry, The building drawing and  Any other special requirements.

Q3: About our export ability?

A3:Ruidong products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, including Russia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe,Argentina, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, etc.The annual export value is $ 5 million.

Q4: Are you friendly for users with low purchases?

A4: We are professional air -conditioning manufacturers, support OEM, ODM, and ensure product quality. You can buy with confidence.

Q5: When will the order be shipped after payment?

A5: After the order is placed, it supports delivery within 7 working days. If the purchased products need to be customized, we need to communicate with the engineer before it can be determined.




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