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High Efficient Double Screw Compressor Water Cooled Chiller, 400kw~3000kw High Efficient Double Screw Compressor Water Cooled Chiller, 400kw~3000kw
High Efficient Double Screw Compressor Water Cooled Chiller, 400kw~3000kw High Efficient Double Screw Compressor Water Cooled Chiller, 400kw~3000kw


High Efficient Double Screw Compressor Water Cooled Chiller, 400kw~3000kw

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Type:Water-cooled type
Categories:Screw chiller
Number of compressors:2
Certification:CE CCC ISO9001 CRAA
FOB port:Qingdao & Tianjing
Terms of Payment:L/C, T/T


 Product Description

400kw-3000kw Industrial Durable Double Screw Compressor Water Cooled Chiller

Ruidong Industrial Water Cooled Screw Chiller has been created to cater to the increasing need for better performance. It is offered in a wide range of cooling capacities, starting from 200kW and going up to 2400kW. This central air conditioner, equipped with a screw compressor, is highly regarded for its excellent quality and refrigeration abilities in the HVAC industry. The evaporator and condenser, constructed with top-notch steel plates in a shell and tube design, boast remarkable resistance against corrosion. Additionally, this chiller employs an environmentally-friendly refrigerant, which not only enhances its efficiency but also boosts its reliability.

1. Screw Compressor

The screw compressor has a straightforward and durable design, resulting in high reliability and a long lifespan.

Additionally, it operates with uniform inhalation and exhaust, minimal vibration during continuous rotation, and the ability to withstand liquid impact.

2. Shell and tube type heat exchanger

The shell tube utilizes high-quality steel plates as pressure vessels. The outer shell is coated with fire-resistant, waterproof, and insulating material. The internal copper pipe consists of highly efficient DAC ripple-shaped spiral heat exchange copper pipes, ensuring exceptional thermal efficiency for the entire unit.

3. Expansion Valve

An electronically controlled expansion valve is used to achieve optimal refrigerant level control.

4. Microcomputer Controller

This chiller incorporates a Siemens PLC and a computer control system at the level of a personal computer. It also features explosion-proof circuit control, remote monitoring and control capabilities, and simple operation.

With a low failure rate and a high safety factor.


 Product Details





 Project Cases

Ruidong Group -- Promote ecological agriculture and achieve sustainable development.

Ruidong Group successfully completed the agricultural industrial park project in Hangzhou, China. This project uses variable frequency water-cooled screw chiller, air handling unit and fan coil units produced by RUIDONG.

Fuyang Siwei Ecological Digital Agriculture Industrial Park was established by Siwei Ecological Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. The ecological park is located in Fuyang City, Zhejiang Province, with a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan.

With green, environmental protection and innovation as its core values, the agricultural industrial park is committed to promoting sustainable agricultural development and improving the quality of agricultural products. At present, ecological plantations have achieved high-quality seedlings and efficient planting of vegetables, fruits, spices, flowers and other crops, with hundreds of categories, and are still being improved.

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Q1: What is the size of the unit?

A1:  The minimum size of the unit is 1350mm*1800mm*700mm. However, our products support customization and can design appropriate size according to your needs. So you don't worry.

Q2: Could you help us to recommend the model for our project?

A2: Yes, we have engineer to check the details and make the scheme for you. Based on the following: Cooling capacity, Refrigerant, Ambient temperature, Voltage, For what industry, The building drawing and  Any other special requirements.

Q3: About our export ability?

A3:Ruidong products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, including Russia, Central Asia, Eastern Europe,Argentina, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, etc.The annual export value is $ 5 million.

Q4: Are you friendly for users with low purchases?

A4: We are professional air -conditioning manufacturers, support OEM, ODM, and ensure product quality. You can buy with confidence.

Q5: When will the order be shipped after payment?

A5: After the order is placed, it supports delivery within 7 working days. If the purchased products need to be customized, we need to communicate with the engineer before it can be determined.




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