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Energy Saving Water/Ground Source Screw Heat Pump Sales Prices Energy Saving Water/Ground Source Screw Heat Pump Sales Prices


Energy Saving Water/Ground Source Screw Heat Pump Sales Prices

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Screw type (water) ground source heat pump units are widely used in large-scale central air-conditioning, central heating, and high-temperature hot water projects. The units uses high-quality, high-quality screw compressors, refrigerant system control components and computer control devices, designed and manufactured in strict accordance with industry standards. It can be used for cooling in summer and heating in winter, and it can also be used in industrial places with medium and low temperature cold source demand throughout the year.

Product Description

Excellent choice:

  • It adopts a famous brand compressor (Hanbell/Bitzer) and a twin-screw unit structure, with extremely small unbalanced rotation force and extremely low vibration and noise. In addition, the part-load operation is balanced and the efficiency is high.

Optimized design:

  • It saves precious water resources for users to the greatest extent, and at the same time reduces the operating cost of water source heat pump units.

Independent research and development:

  • The evaporator copper tube of the heat pump unit is an internally threaded copper tube, and the condenser tube is an externally finned copper tube, which greatly improves the heat transfer coefficient and heat transfer capacity.

Energy saving and environmental protection:

  • The throttling element adopts an electronic expansion valve, which can precisely control the refrigerant flow rate and ensure a good performance level of the heat pump refrigeration system.

Advanced Controls:

  • Computer control and with RS-485 interface, it can realize the centralized control of building automation.

Electrical Safety:

  • The independent power supply mode is adopted to realize power isolation and strong anti-interference.

  • The PLC remote monitoring system added to the screw type ground source heat pump unit is convenient for users to monitor and manage the remote unit through a computer or mobile phone.

  • When the units leaves the factory, the pipeline assembly and electrical control system have been completed, and a trial run has been carried out on the test bench. It can be put into use only by connecting the power supply, cooling water and chilled water on site.

Scope of application:

① Large-scale ground (water) source heat pump units operate in a wide temperature range of water source: 10-35°C;

② It can provide not only 7℃ or 50℃ air-conditioned hot and cold water, but also domestic hot water;

③ It can also be used as a heat source for urban central heating.

Screw type ground source heat pumps are widely used in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, schools, theaters, stadiums, entertainment centers, industrial and mining enterprises and other large and medium-sized buildings to provide chilled water/(domestic) hot water for central air-conditioning systems, and can also be used Provide process chilled water and hot water for textile, chemical, food, electronics, scientific research and other industries.

1. The units are suitable to operate in a wide range of ambient temperature. (Minimum outdoor operating ambient temperature is -15°C, maximum is 65°C.)

2. Mini Cabinet Type Scroll Water Chiller are certified in accordance with standard CE, CCC, and CRAA.

3. Easy maintenance and Low noise which is ideal for vast range of applications including household,hotels, high-rise buildings, hospitals, and manufacturing industries.

4. Safety protection devices include safety valve, high and low voltage switch, anti-freeze protection, oil heater and temperature control etc.

5. Factory assembled, leak tested. Every unit is fully tested before delivery.


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