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HVAC Manufacturer 90kw Air Cooled Scroll Water Chiller Units HVAC Manufacturer 90kw Air Cooled Scroll Water Chiller Units


HVAC Manufacturer 90kw Air Cooled Scroll Water Chiller Units

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  • Air Cooled Scroll Water Chiller And Heat Pump
  • Unit model : RLSFW-(B)/RLSFW-(B)R
  • Cooling Capacity : 20kw - 480kw
  • Power : 380v/50hz
  • Compressor : Scroll Type
  • Evaporator : Plate type/Shell and tube type
  • Condenser type : Internally Threaded Copper Tube & Hydrophilic Aluminum Fins
  • Scroll Type Air Cooled Chiller

  • Ruidong Group


Air Cooled Water Chiller And Heat pump has cooling only type and heat pump type. Among them, the heat pump type unit integrates cooling and heating functions, which can achieve cooling in summer and heating in winter. When the unit is equipped with a heat recovery device, while the unit is providing cold water, it can also provide domestic hot water, which can meet the needs of domestic hot water in villas, restaurants, clubs and other places.

Intelligent defrosting control, defrosting promptly and thoroughly to avoid extra loss of heat. At the same time, it has many automatic control and protection functions such as energy management, antifreeze detection, voltage detection and so on.


Units are modular and can be combined to provide total system capacity up to 1050 kW, especially desirable where space is at a premium. Available in either cooling only or heat pump.

1. Combined system capacity up to 1050 kW

  • Units are modular and can be combined to provide total system capacity up to 1080 kW, especially desirable where space is at a premium.

  • Any of the single unit can operate as the master once connected with the wired controller. This avoids the issue of whole system fail to work when the fixed master unit malfunctions.

2. Intelligent Air Volume Management:

  • Automatically increase or reduce fans based on the ambient temperature to achieve optimal matching between air volume and load and deliver outstanding performance.

3. Small footprint installation

  • The modular units can be installed as single-row, double-row, single-row double-stack or double-row double stack installations in locations such as along the outer wall or narrow space of a building.

4. Efficient process cooling

  • Inverter compressors ensure process cooling operates according to the operation load, including seasonal demand changes.

5. Brine compatible

  • Supports a wider outlet water temperature setting range and is suitable for a variety of applications. The use of inverter controlled fans and compressors enable precise control of outlet water temperature, which is essential in process cooling. This model is also suitable for most types of process cooling applications, including food processing, machine cooling, medical imaging equipment etc.

6. High Precision Electronic Expansion Valve:

  • The electronic expansion valve achieves 480 regulating range, supplemented by Carrier's patented precision throttle control technology, improve the optimum efficiency of each component and ensure the optimum condition of system operation pressure and temperature.


Our chiller used in many different industries:

Food and Beverages – Microbreweries, confectionary, bakeries, distilleries, wineries, bottling, corbonation, vegetable, meat and fish processing, etc.

Pharma and chemical – Jacketed vessels cooling, condenser cooling, PUF mixers, Laboratories applications, x ray spectrometers, paint cooling, packing machine, anodizing, plating, liquid nitrogen plant, etc

Product parameters

ProductAir cooed water chiller and heat pump- scroll compressor
Cooling capacitykW86172258344430516602688
Cooling inpurt powerkW163248648096112128
Running currentA17.434.852.269.687104.4121.8139.2
Heating capacitykW92.4184.8277.2369.6462554.4646.8739.2
Heating powerkW15.831.647.463.27994.8110.6126.4
Running currentA24487296120144168192
Max. running currentA71142213284355426497568
Power supply380v/ 3ph / 50hz
CompressorTypeHermetic scroll type
Start modeDirect start
Charge (kg)12*212*211.5x411.5x611.5x811.5x1011.5x1211.5x14
EvaporatorTypeShell & tube type
Pressure dropkPa70
Main water pipe connection sizeDN65DN65*2DN65*3DN65*4DN65*6DN65*7DN65*8DN65*9
Water flowm3/h13.4 26.8 40.2 53.6 67.0 80.4 93.8 107.2 
Net weightkg9001800270036004500540063007200
Operation weightkg9801960294039204900588068607840
Note1. Standard cooling work condition: Ambient Temp: DB 35℃, WB 24℃; cooling water inlet 12℃, outlet 7℃.
2. Standard heating work condition I: Ambient Temp: DB 7℃, WB 6℃; heating water inlet 40℃, outlet 45℃.
    Standard heating work condition II: Ambient Temp: DB -12℃, WB -13.5℃; heating water outlet 41℃.
3. The noise data is measured on the average of 1m far away from the unit.
4. To add internal hydraulic kit, the evaporator has to be plate type.
5. Main components: Compressor: Daikin/ Panasonic (Danfoss and Copeland for option);  EXV:  Danfoss; Breaker:  Schneider; Thermal relay:  Schneider; Controller:  Bangpu; Fan:  Yingdeli
Main protection measures1.High &low voltage protection;                                      2.Anti-freezing protection; 
3.Temperature control;                                                      4.Owe anti-phase protection;    
5.High & low pressure protection;                                   6.High pressure exhaust temperature protection; 
7.Built-in motor overheating protection;                       8.Over-current protection; 
9. Safe valve;                                                                         10.Check valve     
Commercial clause* Price is based on EXW Dezhou, China.                                                                   * Payment: 30% TT in advance, 70% before delivery.
* Package: for container use.                                                                                     * Guarantee: 13 months for product, and 37 months for compressor. 
* Delivery: within 25~40 days after receiving advance payment.                       * Validity of prices: 30 days after quotation date. 




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