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Manufacture Factory Outlet Commercial Air Scroll Cooled Chiller Manufacture Factory Outlet Commercial Air Scroll Cooled Chiller


Manufacture Factory Outlet Commercial Air Scroll Cooled Chiller

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  • Air Cooled Scroll Water Chiller And Heat Pump
  • Unit model : RLSFW-(B)/RLSFW-(B)R
  • Cooling Capacity : 20kw - 480kw
  • Power : 380v/50hz
  • Compressor : Scroll Type
  • Evaporator : Plate type/Shell and tube type
  • Condenser type : Internally Threaded Copper Tube & Hydrophilic Aluminum Fins
  • Scroll Type Air Cooled Chiller

  • Ruidong Group



 Product Description

Ruidong is a reputable Chinese company with an abundant fifteen-year working experience in the HVAC sector. As both a manufacturer and supplier, we specialize in providing Air Cooled Scroll Chillers that meet standardized certifications. Our team works diligently to understand and fulfill our customers' specific requirements, delivering highly dependable cooling solutions. Additionally, Ruidong offers a range of Air Cooled Scroll Chillers with standardized specifications to cater to the diverse needs of different companies.

Air Cooled Scroll Chillers manufactured by RuiDong are equipped with a range of high-quality components. These include an efficient scroll compressor, an air-cooled condenser with a copper coating, a control panel, various protective devices, multiple refrigeration circuits, a power circuit, a tube-type evaporator, expansion valves, a heat exchanger, and a refrigerant tank.

Air Cooled Scroll Chiller designed by RuiDong offers numerous advantages for cooling various industrial machines, such as:

1. The Air Cooled Scroll Chiller manufactured by Ruidong Group ensures a smooth and noiseless operation by utilizing motors and rotor fans with a specially designed blade configuration. These components deliver high torque and effectively absorb the sounds generated during rotation, resulting in a quiet operation. Moreover, the chiller maintains a smooth airflow, further minimizing any potential noise, and ensuring a serene working environment.

2. Air Cooled Scroll Chiller developed by Ruidong Group boasts a modular design that incorporates multiple scroll compressors and refrigeration circuits. This design allows for a reliable and consistent performance in effectively dissipating heat from heat-sensitive equipment. Regardless of the continuous operation, the chiller ensures steady and efficient cooling mechanisms, thereby safeguarding the optimal functioning of the machinery.

3. Air Cooled Scroll Chiller provides persistent chilled airflow circulation around the condensing coils, producing a chilling effect and releasing out heat on the environment side.

4. Energy-efficient expansion valves are equipped inside Air Cooled Scroll Chiller configuring a relief to refrigerant by releasing pressure from the condensed refrigerant by using its valve expansion.

Ruidong's Air Cooled Scroll Chiller is widely recognized for its versatility and suitability in various industries and applications. These include but are not limited to injection molding, buildings, hospitals, factories, plastic industry, laser cutting, extrusion, water jets, medical industry, welding, and tool manufacturing. The chiller's adaptability to such diverse environments showcases its efficiency and reliability in providing optimal cooling solutions across different sectors.


 Product Packaging

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