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Industrial Combined Air Handling Units Factory And Suppliers

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Industrial AHU is specially designed for modern factory, such as Automotive, Electronic, Spacecraft, Pharmaceutical etc. Ruidong provides solution to handle the indoor air temperature, humidity, cleanliness, fresh air, VOCs etc.

Industrial AHU is an air handling equipment which is designed according to specified project need, and combined with cooling, heating (water/steam/gas burning etc), humidifying/dehumidifying (steam/spray/wheel etc), air-purifying (washing/filtration/electrostatic etc), energy recovery, and some relevant functions to create an optimal indoor climate to satisfy the production technical procedure need of the industrial workshop.


1. Complying with above China Standard, which is from ARI standard. ISO9001 and ISO14001 qualified.

2. Choose best materials, main components are from China top brand or imported.

3. The modular casing design, easy interchanging each other. easy install,easy transport,easy maintaince.

4. Unique no-cold-bridge design, improve the insulation and air tightness, total air leak rate ≤2.5%;

5. With dynamic balanced double inlet Centrifugal fan, with good air dynamic features, and accurate working, high efficiency, low vibration, low noise etc.

6. High efficient heat exchanger coil, ensure to provide the enough cooling capacity to the unit.

7. Strong structure, good looking and permanent color.

8. Reasonable inside structure, with the suitable space for maintenance and cleaning.

9. Casing sheet: Provide double-skin construction constructing Sandwich type comprising 0.5mm thick galvanized internal and external skins and with 30mm thick polystyrene. Good airproof material is use between the casing and the frame to reduce the rate of the air leak.

The combined air handling untis are modular designed ,each modular can be used independently and can also work together and company with fan coil units to add refresh air. Not only reduce operation costs and energy saving, but also optimize air quality and create a congnitive indoor space to meet the human health requirements.




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