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VRV Air Conditioner

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VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume). One outdoor unit is equipped with multiple indoor units, and the cooling and heating demand load and output of the system are met by controlling the refrigerant circulation volume of the compressor and the refrigerant flow rate entering the indoor unit. According to people's usual usage habits, it makes full use of the output power of the compressor to meet the load requirements of different rooms, and can transfer the cooling capacity of the indoor unit with low load to the indoor unit with high load. It can meet the needs of multiple indoor units, improve the efficiency of use and reduce energy consumption at the same time.



The composition of the VRV system: Indoor unit, Outdoor unit, Transmission pipeline, Refrigerant and Splitter.

1. Outdoor unit adopts a high-efficiency, low-noise and high-performance scroll compressor.

2. Indoor units can control the temperature of a specific space, and simple and flexible fan coil units can be given priority in model selection. Its types include concealed fan coil unit, concealed  fan coil unit, and cassette fan coil unit. The unit is controlled by a manual on/off switch, or a thermostat that controls the water flow to the heat exchanger by using a control valve or specific fan speed.

3. Transmission pipeline made of premium copper tubing.

4. Refrigerants use environment friendly R407c and R410A.

5. Splitter uses an electronic expansion valve to control and adjust the refrigerant flow of a single indoor unit.

Product Advantage

Energy saving. Hitachi variable frequency scroll type compressor realizes 27 level capacity regulating and energy output as needed. It is highly efficient and cost effective.

Easy installation. It can be installed on balconies, rooftops or ground level. Exclusive machine room or special foundation are not necessary for the air conditioning system. Installation is easy and simple.

Ruidong RJV-V series central air-conditioning systems adopt high-accuracy proportion integration differentiation (PID) for control. By the accurate measurement of sensors, the running of variable speed compressors and pulse width modulation (PMW) are consistently controlled to adjust the flow of cold media.

Quick cooling and heating capacity. The temperature difference from setting temperature is within ±0.5℃.

The cold media pipe can be as long as 175m. The vertical elevation for the indoor and outdoor unit of the same system can be up to 50m. Indoor unit has an elevation difference up to 30m. The distance between the first branch and indoor unit is 40m.

Low noise during operation. Scroll type exhaust fan.

Product Uses

The rooftop split air conditioning unit is an energy-efficient air conditioning system specially designed for commercial use. The air conditioner is suitable for use in hotels, supermarkets, office buildings, and many other large scale places




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