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75kw Modular Industrial Chiller Scroll Type Air Cooled Water Chiller Units 75kw Modular Industrial Chiller Scroll Type Air Cooled Water Chiller Units
75kw Modular Industrial Chiller Scroll Type Air Cooled Water Chiller Units 75kw Modular Industrial Chiller Scroll Type Air Cooled Water Chiller Units


75kw Modular Industrial Chiller Scroll Type Air Cooled Water Chiller Units

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  • Type: Air Cooled Scroll Chiller
  • Cooling Capacity: 60-480 KW
  • Product Series: Scroll Type Water Chiller
  • Compressor Brand:Copeland, Danfoss, or Panasonic
  • Application: Widely used in hotels, theaters, shopping malls, small office buildings, machinery and other places
  • Scroll Type Air Cooled Chiller

  • Ruidong Group



High Reliability

Scroll compressor has 60% fewer internal parts than reciprocating compressor. The scroll compressor is constructed to prevent liquid refrigerant and impurities from entering the compressor.

Equipped with microcomputer control device to protect the compressor from failure. The torque change of the scroll compressor is 1/3 of the reciprocating compressor.

High Efficiency

The scroll compressor is rotary volume design, with small clearance volume, small friction loss and high operating efficiency. The unit adopts a combination of multiple compressors, which has high efficiency in part load operation.


The refrigerant circuit and control circuit are completely independent ,can be used alternately according to load changes, which can effectively extend the service life of the unit. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, low vibration, wear resistance and high reliability.

Finned Condenser

Adopts finned condenser , the heat exchange tubes are outer fin threaded copper tube. The finned condenser has a large heat transfer coefficient and high heat exchange efficiency. The heat exchanger tube is manufactured by computer machine tools and automatic welding technology. With compact structure, beautiful appearance, light weight , it is easy to install, operate, and maintain.


Shell and tube type evaporator adopts inner fin copper tube, and is equipped with refrigerant shunting device, which can evenly distribute the refrigerant to each heat exchange tube, improve heat exchange efficiency. For multi-compressor chiller, each compressor is equipped with an evaporator and a condenser, the three constitute an independent refrigeration system. Due to structural reasons, the water paths of the two evaporators are often connected, but the refrigeration circuits are independent.  The exterior of the evaporator is affixed with thermal insulation material to avoid the loss of cooling capacity.

Thermal Expansion Valve

The world-renowned brand Emerson thermal expansion valve is used for higher control accuracy, wider adjustment range and faster response.  Under any working conditions, the heat exchange area of the evaporator can be fully utilized, the heat exchange is more sufficient, and the efficiency is higher, which can ensure the reliability of the refrigeration system.

Control System

Start-Stop protection, control compressor starting frequency

Equivalent setting of compressor start-stop times and running time

Power-off memory, historical fault query function

Overload protection, phase sequence protection, anti-frozen protection, high and low pressure protection, exhaust temperature protection and other protections.

Inlet and outlet water temperature control

Reserved joint control contact of chilled water pump

【Product parameters】

ProductAir cooed water chiller and heat pump- scroll compressor
Cooling capacitykW71142213284355426497
Cooling inpurt powerkW20.641.261.882.4103123.6144.2
Running currentA4488132176220264308
Heating capacitykW72144216288360432504
Heating powerkW20.340.560.881101.3121.5141.8
Running currentA4386129172215258301
Max. running currentA61.2122.4183.6244.8306367.2428.4
Cable diameter (copper wire distance ≤20 meters)mm23*25+2*16(3*25+2*16)*2(3*25+2*16)*3(3*25+2*16)*4(3*25+2*16)*5(3*25+2*16)*6(3*25+2*16)*7
CompressorTypeHermetic scroll type
Power voltage3N-380V-50HZ
Start modeDirect Start
Charge (kg)13.513.5*213.5*313.5*413.5*513.5*613.5*7
ControlElectronic expansion valve (EXV)
EvaporatorTypeShell & tube type
Water Pressure dropkPa70
Water pipe Dia.DNDN50DN50*2DN50*3DN50*4DN50*5DN50*6DN50*7
Water flowm3/h12.2 24.4 36.6 48.8 61.1 73.3 85.5 
Condenser typeInternally threaded copper tube & hydrophilic aluminum fins
Net weightkg66098013201960198029402640
Operation weightkg690104013802080207031202760
Main protection measures1.High &low voltage protection;                                      2.Anti-freezing protection; 
3.Temperature control;                                                      4.Owe anti-phase protection;    
5.High & low pressure protection;                                  6.High pressure exhaust temperature protection; 
7.Built-in motor overheating protection;                       8.Over-current protection; 
9. Safe valve;                                                                        10.Check valve     
Remarks:1.Cooling standard working conditions:ambient temperature 35℃DB/24℃WB;
cold water inlet temperature 12℃,outlet temperature 7℃
2.Heating standard working conditions:ambient temperature 7℃DB/6℃WB;
cold water inlet temperature 40℃,outlet temperature 45℃




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