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HVAC System For Cooling and Heating EVI Type Air Cooled Water Chiller Units Prices HVAC System For Cooling and Heating EVI Type Air Cooled Water Chiller Units Prices
HVAC System For Cooling and Heating EVI Type Air Cooled Water Chiller Units Prices HVAC System For Cooling and Heating EVI Type Air Cooled Water Chiller Units Prices


HVAC System For Cooling and Heating EVI Type Air Cooled Water Chiller Units Prices

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Type:EVI Air-cooled type
Categories:Scroll chiller
Place of origin:Dezhou, China
Power system:Three-phase & four-wire system (380V/220V-50HZ) & others
Warranty:1 year
Certification:CE CCC ISO9001 CRAA
FOB port:Qingdao & Tianjing
Terms of Payment:L/C, T/T


 Product Description

EVI Air Cooled Scroll Chiller, Air Cooled Scroll Chiller, EVI air cooled modular chiller

Ruidong's EVI Heat Pump is specifically designed to meet the heating and hot water needs of cold climate regions. With the inclusion of air supplementation and enthalpy increase technology, the heat pump effectively increases the exhaust volume of the compressor, allowing it to operate reliably even in low ambient temperatures. This makes it an ideal solution for maintaining room heating and hot water supply in extremely cold climates.

The EVI heat pump is not only efficient but also highly cost-effective. By harnessing free renewable energy from the air, the unit operates with exceptional efficiency, resulting in significantly lower running costs compared to conventional gas boilers or electrical heaters. In fact, its efficiency can be up to 3~4 times higher, making it an environmentally-friendly and economical choice for domestic water heating applications.


● Eco-friendly refrigerant: R407c.

● Applied range: sanitary hot water, floor heating.

● Enhanced vapor injection famous brand compressor.

● Two speed fan motor: further improve unit operation under high ambient temperature.

● Electronic expansion valve regulates the flow of refrigerant precisely.

● Heat-exchanger cycle technology to further improve operation under low ambient temperature.

● Air exchanger(Fins-coil) with hydrophilic coating.

● Galvanized plate shell, powder coating.

● LCD display wire controller.

● Set the operating time freely.

● Unit runs or stop automatically according to water temperature.

● Control the auxiliary heating (e.g. electric heating).

● With hot water return control, to keep the water warm in supplying pipe.

● Water flow protection control.

● Automatic prevent freezing function in the winter.

● Automatic defrosting.

● Failure diagnosing function.

● Modular design, units combine freely.


 Data Sheet

ProductEVI type Air cooed water chiller and heat pump
Norminal Cooling capacitykW21.523.1273243
Cooling inpurt powerkW7.57.9910.413.3
Running currentA11.41213.715.820.2
Heating capacity I @ working condition IkW24.426.33038.246.2
Heating input powerkW7.47.9910.313.2
Running currentA11.212.013.715.620.1
Heating capacity II  @ working condition IIkW17.819.221.927.933.8
Heating input powerkW7.
Running currentA11.312.113.815.820.2
Max. running currentA20.621.5242735
Cable diameter (copper wire distance ≦20m)mm23*6+2*43*6+2*43*6+2*43*6+2*43*10+2*6
Power supply380V/50HZ
CompressorTypeHermetic scroll type
Start modeDirect start
Charge (kg)8.51010.511.512
ControlElectronic expansion valve (EXV)
EvaporatorTypePlate typeShell & tube type
Pressure dropkPa70-90
Main water pipe connection sizeDN32DN32DN40DN40DN50
Water flowm3/h3.
CondensorTypeInternally Threaded Copper Tube & Hydrophilic Aluminum Fins
FanTypeAxial type
Noise dB(A)6868787868
Power (kW)0.550.550.750.750.37*2
Air flow (m3/h)800010000120001400016000
Air dischargeSide(top for option)
Net weightkg320350380380650
Operation weightkg360380420420690
Remarks1. Cooling standard working conditions:ambient temperature 35℃DB/24℃WB;
    Cold water inlet temperature 12℃,outlet temperature 7℃.
2. Working condition I : Ambient temperature 7℃DB/6℃WB;
    Hot water inlet temperature 40℃,outlet temperature 45℃.
3. Working condition I I : ambient temperature -12℃DB/-13.5℃WB, outlet temperature 41℃.
4.Optional accessories:Built-in expansion water tank & water pump.



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