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Wall Mounted Floor Standing Ultra Thin Vertical Type Fan Coil Unit Wall Mounted Floor Standing Ultra Thin Vertical Type Fan Coil Unit
Wall Mounted Floor Standing Ultra Thin Vertical Type Fan Coil Unit Wall Mounted Floor Standing Ultra Thin Vertical Type Fan Coil Unit


Wall Mounted Floor Standing Ultra Thin Vertical Type Fan Coil Unit

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  • The air volume is from 340 to 2380 m3/h.
  • The cooling capacity is from 1.8 to 12.6 kW.
  • It can be used directly for large temperature difference conditions.
  • Also can provide dry fan coil unit.
  • Vertical Type Fan Coil Unit

  • Ruidong



 Product Description

Fan coil units offer the advantages of architectural flexibility, cost-effective operation and space utilization, personalized room control with privacy, noise reduction, the adaptability of placement and setup, and a variety of control options.

1. Structure and material:

    • Select either a 3-speed (PSC motor) or a variable speed (EC motor).

    • The coils are constructed using seamless tubes that are expanded into aluminum fins in a continuous block, ensuring efficient heat transfer.

    • The drain pan is made of PVC and has two water outlets. Its hollow structure design improves thermal insulation properties and prevents leakage.

    • The exhaust fan is a dual centrifugal exhaust fan that utilizes a forward wind wheel, providing high airflow with minimal noise.

    • An enclosed electronic control panel is connected to all wires and is conveniently located on the same side as the water connection.

2. Install type:

    • Vertical or horizontal; Concealed or Suspended.

    • Left/right water pipe connection can be changed freely.

    • 6 kinds of air distribution solution is optional.

3. Optional accessories: 

Various controller/ EC motor/Electric heater/ Return air box/ Balancing valve and etc.

4. Application Areas:

The floor-mounted fan coil units possess a sophisticated design, offering abundant airflow and minimal noise. These units find extensive application in various establishments such as hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, galleries, and malls. Additionally, they feature a versatile design that allows for both vertical and horizontal installation.


 Manufacturer Strengths

Our customized OEM&ODM products are specially designed for construction projects, perfectly matching the architectural style of each unique project. Our floor-mounted fan coil units can be fully personalized, allowing you to select the appearance, size, cooling capacity, and even the color, ensuring they seamlessly blend into the interior aesthetics of your building. Moreover, these units also maintain a pleasant indoor temperature, enhancing the overall comfort of the space.

For retailers, our floor-mounted fan coil units can be tailored to meet the preferences of local residents, helping you boost sales and gain a competitive advantage in the market. We recognize the significance of product customization in today's market and strive to meet the distinct needs and desires of your customers.

As a manufacturer of floor-mounted fan coil units, we are dedicated to supporting the growth of your business by offering competitive pricing. Our affordable prices, combined with top-notch product performance, will not only attract new customers but also foster long-lasting relationships based on trust and involvement.

Our strengths include:

1.  Equipped with a complete production line and advanced imported equipment, we excel in undertaking large orders for production and design.

2.  Our design and development team delivers personalized and expert services to customers.

3.  We ensure effective cost control by offering a variety of options in materials and processing technologies, help you reduce product costs and enhance competitiveness in the market.

4.  We adeptly meet the personalized needs of engineering projects and the unique preferences of your customers.

If have any questions about any part, pls contact us freely. We are sincerely looking forwarder to your comments.






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